Self-Management help

Do the best you can until you know better. Then when you know better, do better.

Maya Angelou

I work one on one and with groups or teams to get work done, make changes in their life or work, make tough decisions, and improve wellbeing. This is done with the utmost respect and an effort to create safety and acceptance, with curiosity and appreciation. Compassion is most important before and during making any change, and we need shame free support to change. I have worked in consent-based, decentralized, and teal/Holacracy run organizations for over ten years and have a lot of practical depth to share.

If you have decided on an approach to work like Holacracy, then I can partner with you to prepare for implementation by creating a plan, defining the initial circle structure, facilitating meetings, designing processes, training and on boarding team members, training facilitators, coaching facilitators, and adapting self managed team practices to your needs and values.

We can agree on simple terms, such as payment per session, per project, or a retainer.


Consulting and facilitation. I can partner with leadership teams, or any team looking to change how they make decisions or how they work. I can hold space for individuals and groups, facilitate operational and project meetings, governance and strategy meetings, as well as lead meditation, and mindfulness, executive sessions, and custom workshops.

Operational Meeting Facilitation

I facilitate a team operational meeting.

Meeting format: check-in, agenda building, triage, and closing. The time frame is up to 60 minutes.

Pay $200 for a 1-hour meeting.

Governance/Decision Meeting Facilitation

I facilitate consent-based decisions, role creation, and policy adoption. 

Meeting format: check-in, pre-planned agenda item, and closing.

I recommend a 90-minute session per item for new groups.

Pay $250 for a 90-minute meeting.

Coaching for individuals and groups. I coach professionals on business, personal, and strategic issues, including capacity planning and process development, as well as self management coaching for groups. I can also support you with improving productivity, habit or routine change, and adjusting to a new work context.

Self-management Coaching

This customized learning experience is ideal for individuals or small groups learning about or practicing self-management.

Bring questions, scenarios, or issues that would benefit from an experienced guide.

Pay $150 for a 1-hour video session.

Communications for a purpose. I write and ghostwrite articles, social media content, website content, and newsletters for business, and career documents including resumes for individuals.

Contact me for customized facilitation, coaching, or workshop packages and pricing. Let’s start with a conversation to get to know each other. Connecting always serves in my experience.

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