Some areas of expertise are self-managed teams (Holacracy), facilitation, and writing. My recent learning is about trauma, mindfulness, and well-being. I like to focus on what is good and share it, and regularly find magic moments in ordinary life. Some of my passions are being friendly, dogs, self growth, and education. You can subscribe to my infrequent, newish newsletter:

These days I identify with being an artist more than ever and see all aspects of life as potential for healing and learning. My main work background is as an entrepreneur because I didn’t know what else to do until I discovered self organization and then pursued a career in Holacracy. Building that company and aspiring to help others with Holacracy led to being thrown into the deep end of the pool in professional training, business development, and management consulting. Based in the United States, I’ve worked internationally in Europe, as well as Dubai and Indonesia. Each person and place I encountered changed me for the better.

I worked with hundreds of people around the world as a professional consultant and taught workshops, coached individuals and groups through restructures and awkward meeting processes, mentored facilitators, and advised and teamed with executives. The best part was the clients who had the bears. Stuffed bears. I believe there is a wisdom and a theme from these. The places with bears had a strong and unique culture, and each welcomed me into their community. From there I developed new values of empathy, trauma sensitivity, consent, and curiosity.

The notion of burnout culture, necessary side gigs, and hustle personally don’t work for me. Since I can remember I haven’t really operated or thought in those ways and being busy has long lost its luster. I want to have a life balanced with work, whatever it is, and have health and other core values be a priority, and be able to take my time. I am an advocate of only committing to doing one thing per day.

If you’re curious, you can view my professional history in a more onĀ LinkedIn. Though I have so many untold stories from my recent years of work around the world, and it would be more fun to talk.