While You are Spending All This Time Online Anyway

Take responsibility for your online identity. It is common knowledge that online behavior can impact your reputation with anyone from prospective employers and clients to your family and friends. If you are going to post online, then use the same guidelines for real life. If you would not do or say something in front of your spouse or boss or business partner, then don’t do it online either.

Set up a LinkedIn profile and even a personal website. If you have basic writing skills, then post occasional blog entries. If you are in a particular domain, say career services, then post some information about related topics. This shows you are always learning and proactive.

If you play games on Facebook, then at least make sure you have your settings configured so that you are not inundating your friends with continuous announcements about how you got a new farm or mafia member. Your settings should be on encrypted anyway, so most of those applications won’t work, which is just as well.

Don’t use profanity, and don’t ever insult anyone’s character. Think of the internet as a perpetual opportunity to sell yourself and create a new opportunity or to damage your reputation and miss out or even lose your job.

For those of us who wish to remain Facebook friends with someone who seems obsessed with games or uncouth behavior/language, you can hide your friend’s posts or all posts by the particular application

Lastly, don’t ignore this issue. If you have questions, then get some help. Email me or do a Google Search.

This is an editorial article, and meant to be advice for myself first.

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