Daily focus

What do I want to feel, experience, and create in my day?

What are the priorities?

What one or so thing am I committing to do today?

There are some things that are important, no matter what, such as eating, sleeping, connecting, and everything needed to have a working and sane body. Sometimes this takes more energy than others. Even more important than exercising. What if I have an injury? Even more important than my routine, which has often felt like the only stable thing, is to take time to make sure I also have everything my dog needs, and it isn’t too cold, and plan enough. What if my plans don’t work out, for one reason or another? And what if this happens over and over again to the point of not knowing what is important, trustworthy, or helping v hurting?

For me the answer is intention, and not what intention but intention itself. Many of us do some kind of routine or practice in the morning to center…I do myself, but what about when I can’t go to the yoga class, I cannot get to the trail, or I cannot do my running?

The daily practice and art of imagining your day, and even having an intention can create a magical new cycle, no matter what. An intention is something one can control; many other things are not, even though we often have the illusion that we will be able to do our morning jog, buy that cup of coffee, or have that monthly paycheck indefinitely.

Maybe nothing makes sense and the task of the day is survival. Or to be okay with something. Quiet down, sit, write, walk, or do whatever to listen. Maybe there is a word or a feeling, or a fully our phrase or image.

Intention setting can take a moment of complete despair and something totally unworkable and turn it into something that just is. And take a whole flat, world of canceled plans, and stopped conversations and turn it into a moment of beauty, connection, or even freedom.

So regardless of the form or the specifics, taking time to cultivate intention, even if it is simply to listen will add just the energy that is needed. Anyone can do it, and it doesn’t require special movements or an injury free body. This practice of creating intention and practicing throughout the day supports a focus for the day and the moment that can be as powerful and magical as anything else I have found. Plus it is totally compatible with religious and spiritual practices as far as I can tell.

Being able to have a focus even if for a moment, can change everything. It can even be so small or so survival-based — what matters is just being able to direct our energy somewhere, instead of just being stuck or random.

So whether it is a feeling, a sense, a word, or a full out story, consider the intention. Holding the intention helps us attend to what matters, and safeguards against distraction, busy-ness, and complexity.

And if you aren’t sure what an intention is or where to focus, then consider what feels healthy, whole, and good to you. Work with and observe that for a while.

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