Aha! And then what?

We have a peak experience which is a state, an insight, or a reignited aliveness to engage in what we are doing, living, and being.  We have a sense of renewed purpose, or possibly more accurately, vision. So much energy is liberated. Then what?

This happens both in our personal lives and in organizations. We go through a branding initiative, we make commitments to be engaged more fully, and what happens? How do we sustain the transformation?

The gap is small, and yet not. It just takes right now making one step into our aspirational visions. Over and over again. Day in and day out. And that is where the gap gets big.

We must become a learning organization. This is popular in business in the domain of capacity building and organizational (people/culture) development. Even thinking about this blog, though: how can I sustain the growth, and what am I growing toward? How can I hold the ambiguity of knowing that I don’t actually know specifically what I am growing into, but am holding a range or spectrum of possibility for what is becoming and emerging? How do I become more comfortable with this, and yet have the steadfastness to show up every day and practice, making little adjustments all along the way.

This is a partial answer: Mindful Contructs. Mental models are a significant part. The story we are telling about what is and what is possible is key.

Here is another partial answer: inquiry!

What comes up for you when I ask these questions?

This blog intends to foster collaboration and sharing of resources to mind these gaps and sustain them in our inner and outer communities. This is a place to start, a stick in the sand — but hopefully not the mud — and one little step on the path where the process and the outcome are both learning.


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