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After moving into a studio, starting a new professional routine last month, and practicing multiple new behavioral and emotional habits, I don’t seem to be naturally inclined to blogging.

Why can’t I just focus? Well, that’s what this is. I don’t have a blog strategy or focus,  but this post, and potentially subsequent sporadic – I would like to commit to one per week but am too sure that would not happen and am examining if that is perhaps because I don’t want it to happen since two is not that many – posts will be about focusing!

I think part of the resistance is also because I’m spending a large part of  the day time on writing professional marketing documents. Between that and journalling, what is left to blog?!Yes, lots for sure.

Without further ado procrastination, I just read this timely article in Google Reader, a new tool I am *hoping* will help me focus (!), called Cutting the Cord to Materialism. It was a guest post on Zen Habits, which I find refreshing and useful.

With the average American spending 5.4% on Entertainment, no wonder the ties are so strong to conform. Not to shirk my individuality here, and I think I’ve been doing a bit less than that with no TV for about five years (though I spend about 1/3 of my life online possibly) and my main ‘entertainment’ budget being weekly ecstatic dance and future travel, but I find I have resistance to creating the life I love, and I wonder how much of it is cultural constructs and conditioning.

In this guest post from David Damron of the Minimalist Path, he invites us to reflect on what we long for:

Let’s start with an exercise …

1. Grab a small sheet of paper and a pen or pencil.

2. After you read the following question, please take 5 deep breaths before answering.

3. Write your response to the up-coming question on your piece of paper in one sentence.

Here is your question to answer:

If you had the opportunity to do one activity for one week without any worry about finances, cost, or other outside commitments, what would you love to do for this week?

Here is what I wrote: I’d like to travel to a place warm and sunny, with a beach, and trees, and Mexican food – where I could just be, sleeping, exercising, and possibly experience this respite with a loved one, and we would leave behind internet and electronic devices and be together, write together, rest together, and have the option to pick up and fly anywhere we want to visit anyone we feel like being with, or just experience the welcome disorientation of being home, away from home, together.

What about you, dear reader?

I think that answer is authentic and may point to my desires for more connection, rest, warmth, light, well-being, and play/activity. Honestly, I think I am on the path to becoming more aligned with my being and aliveness all the time – as if I could not be, but that is another story.

And, I think I will continue to follow the Minimalist Path, as I am still finding out how to settle in to this small living space, and as I look at a box of papers I have not opened for a good two years, I know it is going to feel really energizing to simplify and create more order in my daily life.

Thanks for joining me as I find my blogging-way.

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