Fall Reflection


Fall Linn Cove Viaduct
Thanks to Grandfather.com for the beautiful image

This image is beautiful and represents this reflective time of year as well as all the pieces and systems and holons, and potential and mystery, and the sense of being on a journey. I often use images and music to create different qualities of states or spaces.

While my attention has been on lots of writing, learning, collaborating, and living, which I am truly grateful for, I have neglected this website as well as another blogging opportunity that I could be playing with. I met a public relations professional yesterday evening, and as we spoke for a few minutes I was painfully aware that even as I spend a good amount of time recommending to clients that they take responsibility for their own online presence, I am seeing some potential incoherence in myself.

For a while – years possibly – I have felt a tension to create engagement and publish regularly online. Several months ago I made my first posts on this website, and in a sense I have been stuck. What might be causing this?

After working with many clients over the past few months, collaborating with them to improve their various writing projects, from website content to newsletters to white papers to essays, and primarily resumes and cover letters, I am learning a lot.

One of the key factors in how easy it is to create coherent, powerful, and inspiring or at least interesting content is: Focus. I need focus. This is not news. It is just finally being embodied as I serve others with my writing, and I can glimpse a little bit more about how useful it would be to apply this concept.

Over the next couple of months I am intending to start putting out posts that transparently continue the exploration of what the focus of my professional brand is. I have done some research, I have real-life laboratories on a day-to-day basis to test out my thoughts and ideas and practices, and I want to start sharing it and modeling my own process of Becoming.

I write a lot of content for different forms of communications, and I believe the words and the design and all of it can convey some more invisible aspects of us, or our essence, as well as contribute to our individual process of becoming.

I am going to explore a focus while realizing that this focus will likely grow and expand and emerge over time. Remembering the developing or emerging nature of our development and growth helps free me up to play within some focus here.

What do I stand for? What do I aspire for? What is my intention? These are a few of the questions that come up when I wrestle with what to put on these pages.

I have a few pieces of the puzzle.

Writing. Learning. Collaboration. Creativity. Offering value in the moment, even if it is simply listening, presence, and a reflection of what is heard or an idea that seems to just come in from nowhere.

I’m not sure if these are intentions, values, or principles. When I look at each word they see to expand.

I write a lot of resumes and yet that is not all I do. What about the collaborative contributions I am making to other writing projects, and how does creative writing or poetry fit into this branding process? How will I continue to hone my skills as an effective resume writer and editor while remaining open to the other kinds of writing, creativity, and forms of professional expression and business/community leadership I will eventually want to enact?

If anyone has read this far, I really appreciate your reading/listening and am quite open to thoughts or questions.

I am committed to taking this website to the next incremental level of clarity and aliveness over the next several weeks and am curious to see what will unfold!

One thought on “Fall Reflection

  1. hey Karilen, thank you for this! a broad surface you offer and i am in high vibration of resonance.
    hah, i had to smile – isn’t it so often that we can mentor/advise/support others there were we could need it ourselves? it’s almost as if we would be under some sort of pressure to apply our thoughts and mental structures – but rather somewhere else first than on us.
    only in going out we can find mirrors to take back in again…
    mmh, Focus! wow, i can certainly see your powerful ability to sense that in others Karilen! your response to my blogpost was spot on and i felt so seen, thank you for this.
    “potential incoherence” is an awesome expression… inner tension… evolutionary rising… ain’t that what keeps us going and growing? so there is a continuing learning journey AND let me put this neat line here i cooked up inspired by David Isaacs (just had some days with him in south Germany): being hear is all-ready enough

    do you know the word samtalspartner? David loves that swedish word. it is something like interlocutor in english. i used to call that kind of relationship inquiry co-diving 🙂

    i look forward to witness your unfolding in clarity and aliveness here Karilen! i am subscribed and eager to listen what’s moving (in) you 🙂 as i am continuing to explore my own focus as well…

    blessings on your journey Karilen, good to be connected,

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