Music, yoga near Phoenixville, Philly


These are some of the best things around here that are coming up. Music. Yoga. There will be more things.

October 7: Outdoor concert in Kimberton to enjoy the people and place, support the arts, $12 for students, $20 for adults. Bring lawn chairs. Last week it was sunny and perfect weather. Get outside and meet people. Kimberton is a magical place.

October 9 or 10 Death Cab for Cutie Indie Pop stars hailing from Washington state. I am going to Oct 10.


October 13 – I recently stumbled upon Brick Nova. This is local talent with an affordable show in Philly, intelligent and emotional lyrics and a range of rock sounds that sound both familiar in a good way and original.

Join me:

October 14: Community and the best yoga teacher around and a magical sounding drum, and good people and a surreal mural you can admire after if beer is not your thing:

October 14: Kicking Down Doors Aretha Franklin tribute. Soulful and light..folky funky rock with sweet blends, funky beats, and the best banjo playing you will hear. Highly danceable shows.

October 20: Herman Bruning at the Pick with Ernie Tokay of Kicking Down Doors on drums! If you haven’t been to the pick, go and if you just need something to do, check their calendar or go by. I happened into poetry the other night and it was amazing.




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