Life practices: inner and outer

What is important?

Especially when everything is changing at an encompassing pace that feels out of your control?

When you don’t know what to do, what the future holds, and the practices, beliefs, and routines, and the sacred rituals all somehow are not sustaining?

Things change. What was sustaining and sacred needs to change too, at least the forms, the frequency…something.

Ideally, before things feel like they are crumbling and out of control, there are ways of being that can be more productive, fun, or healthier, and other ways. And of course we all have our ways of coping, letting go of stress, becoming more right with our soul, feeling better when we are off, or maybe, changing a life situation with intention rather than from a reaction. Sometimes reaction happens, and if there is a good practice to hold it then it will be okay.

I have trained myself to focus on the positive, to learn to focus, it is not a natural thing for me, and by focusing on what we do want, in little, itty bitty, consistent ways every day a lot of magic can happen.

Here is where I’ve been focusing in terms of building health:

Organizing my daily life around self care, including my day, home life, relationships, decisions, activities, focusing on getting good sleep, breathing, eating well, and connecting every day. I use my grid for this.

Centering or meditation and inner work. Currently I practice a meditative way of being with myself and experiences that includes some inner practices that I will share more later (but have an inner practice, here is a good one you can stop and say or think.ʻoponopono ), or just take three easy breaths that bring in fresh energy and let go of old. It may not feel like much sometimes, but the intention is what matters and it does help.

Playing drum set, learning rhythms, technique, songs, singing along, taking baby steps toward doing music with others, showing up at friends’ music, going out to venues not even knowing what was going on, joining the Philadelphia Folk Society after attending the Philly Folk Fest by a divine twist of good fortune, as I tend to have. Promoting local musicians, encouraging them, played my hand drum in a yoga class. While I would love to play daily, I sometimes need support to do so and also focus on quality, not quantity. So if I do or don’t it is an opportunity for the meditative allowing and not over emphasizing or indulging a particular moment. And its just so cathartic. Take it Easy is one I’m working a lot. And Soul to Squeeze. And Wish you were here. All therapeutic. Plus musicians are immediate community.

One of my favorite songs over the past year… about suffering, and not only. For example, “Where I go, I just don’t know. When I find my peace of mind…I’m gonna give you some of my good time.” Plus very fun syncopation on the snare.

Writing, with prompts, to help others, to share my story, to figure out what has happened. To move the energy, to see new things, to build discipline, simply practice. To role model. To encourage others. To reflect what I am learning. To show up. More to share here too. Also for sharing things that have no other way for me to share. For psychological integration. Ultimately for letting love flow.

Get heart rate up, could be during yoga, walking, dog play, jogging, weights, or something else. Ideally I do this in the woods. Some days I need to rest, so again, it isn’t about perfection or forcing, but a consistent building of more and more whole habits, choices, and strength.

And sharing it with others.

Where all this came from…is also helpful; yoga, all 8 limbs, which I have started learning in the last year has been a basis, and a search to create more health, including a morning ritual, exercise, meditation, community, and enough attention on eating, sleeping, and doing things.

So whatever it is, choose it, build it, and keep it simple as you try it for a time. My morning routine / ritual has been holding me together for years. and it takes a lot to rebuild one, especially when every dimension of life is changing.

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