More fall stuff

This past weekend I did catch some music in the park on what felt like a summer day, not a fall day. Is it fall or autumn anyway? I tried to go to first Friday and another fest, but got way laid for different reasons and hope to keep getting out to new experiences, and where I inevitably meet up with friends or meet new ones, especially in Phoenixville but really every where near here. Every where I go.

I will be going to Washington State Nov 1 for a few days and will be doing some stuff there. But this month, October is moving right along and one goal is to play drums with some people to work some songs, another is to get through a whole yoga class, and another is to get out to some music and especially to support or hang with friends. (Maybe another goal is to trim my project list.)

There are plenty of musical and other activities to choose from.

To recap some of what is coming up soon, and this is not the whole of it, just some of what I know about around here:

Community / Yoga:

October 14, 11 am, The best yoga around Philly, Berwyn, Stewart Snyder

Community / Music:

I would love to do all of these things…there is no way.

Death Cab for Cutie show October 10 Upper Darby, PA

Brick Nova Local band October 13, Century, Philadelphia

October 14, Lady Soul, Aretha Franklin tribute, 4pm with Kicking Down Doors and more at the Philadelphia Folk Song Society.

October 20, Herman Bruning with Ernie Tokay on drums at the pick

Community / Activity:

October 19: Drum Circle, Music in the moment Ron Kravitz Village Wellness Berwyn: Move, drum, make sounds, breathe, be around people.

November stuff to think about now:

Sound healing Autumnal energy moon meditation, Village Wellness. 7:00 – 9:00 pm, pre-register because it is popular

And writing every day. Considering signing up for the November challenge on


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