750words.com November challenge

Most of what I do, or what I mean to do in my life revolves around intentional choices, building neural pathways of a certain kind, specific habits, building confidence in my body through small, sustained, daily practices. Also I just write a lot. I use many words, always have, write a lot of texts, share pictures, write notes for myself, use written processes for working through ideas, things I want to do, or things happening in the self.

Right now I have a seven day streak of writing 750words, and I’m directing myself to do it before I do any other writing.

It is free writing, letting go of what has happened, imagining new things, or fleshing out ideas, reflecting on intention. Whatever you want it to be.

Writing daily builds the sense of discipline, space, stability, and helps me see more and feel better, as I understand more of myself and my life.

It takes me about 10-15 minutes to type 750 words though some days it is a struggle, and I just go slow or get whatever I can out to do the practice. I’ve been using this lovely site for over 8 years now. I hope to share more about this site, the data, patterns, and how great it is. Here is a snapshot of some of my data from today.

Screen Shot 2018-10-11 at 8.00.45 AM

I want to sign up for the November challenge. I wonder about writing for more of a purpose than just the spontaneous. Also what to reward myself with or what I will do if I miss a day, I don’t know. Things feel arbitrary and I only want positive reinforcement.

Im working on my writing this month and then the streak in and of itself can be a source of motivation too. There have been a lot of on and off days of writing this year.

Consider signing up for November, or just sign in and try writing 750words once.

I would like to talk about this practice with anyone else who is interested, the purpose, the benefits, or how to support more productive writing, morning pages, writing as cultivating intentional life. Or just sign up for the November challenge together.


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