A world of projects

…not problems. I could share many things about this “pithy” saying from Getting Things Done (GTD)…it’s true. There is something about writing down a desire. An outcome, result, or a project. Until I actually did this there was some cognitive dissonance with this belief in a world of projects, where there are no problems.

I’m not sure what my problems are. But I’ve decided to take the November challenge on 750words.com. There is still time for most of the world to join. Or commit to something for the month. Along with this, I have decided to devote my writing in November to writing a novel about being with dogs. I want it to be at least 50,000 words.

There have been some amazing moments with dogs and I don’t have a real purpose for writing so this seemed like a good way to keep writing, getting stuff out of my head, focus on something creative, and honor the beautiful canines who’ve come to be my family recently.

Writing down something can serve a lot of purposes. Let it go. Tell a story. Work through something. Share a life lesson. I’ve found that through writing along with deeper listening or life practices, there can be powerful…results. Or projects if you will.

Projects are really commitments to ourselves as our all commitments. What is most important to me right now is health, finding a way to contribute in the world, and this opportunity I have been given to be with a special dog. Really several special animals in an unusual situation.

If I don’t make the word count or novel, then I will appreciate my progress. If I miss a day of writing I have agreed to myself to publish a blog post about why that happened. If I do make my goal of writing daily in November on 750words.com then I will treat myself to a haircut. A little reward.

If I write every day I think there is a strong chance that I will make a novel, or at least write thousands of words about something.

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