Song of the day: black bear on reality as it is

The fur that he is wearing is the fur that he prefers…

One of many insightful lyrics in this sweet and honest homage to the black bear, not just as a black bear, but in the season of his life, and as a metaphor for being with what is, as it is. The lyrics, the imagery, and the organ all weave together beautifully.

I first heard this many years ago, and unfortunately I don’t remember where. I was living in the Bellevue area and was in a new place, with a new job I knew would be very temporary, without knowing why, didn’t know anyone in the area.

I would have been 24 years old or so as I walked to work from where I would drive or bus to my job at a non profit organization, and listen to this and feel connected as I walked the past few steps to work, with the help of the black bear.

And when he thinks he is thoughtful

And when he rests he is restful

And when he runs he runs the fastest

And spins the earth right on its axis

And that’s his gift to all

Showing us the sun

Keeping time for everyone

A steady beating drum


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