Song of the day: Wisdom from Cage the Elephant

You may have heard this song on the radio if you drive in your car. That is where I heard it. It is my first close listening to Cage the Elephant. At first the sounds, though original kind of remind me a little of Ratitat and Spoon. Though there is a transcendent quality even with the somber message.

Initially, even though it sounded like it was about a relationship, the upbeat pensive lysics spoke to me. About my life. I knew I had to share this. As I was contemplating my life as my work, our calling as people to be our messy selves, and appreciating the tiniest amount of space I wasn’t sure who it was.

Some of the themes mentioned felt like someone else had let go of relationship, important parts of life, and was ready to do it. I had to do research to figure out who it is.

Aside from the chorus, which is a universally relatable anthem:

“Never had control… I’m ready to let go…”

Other lyrics piqued my curiosity.

“Sun went down over Pompeii…”

…which I assumed was metaphorical or historical was actually written after a trip there as it became clear that a relationship was over.

Sometimes we keep thinking we will get back to something good or easier, resolve something, work things out together. We think we can overcome, make it through, or stick with it…even because we are committed, or we think we should be able to.

Yet we actually need to let go sometimes and move on. And sometimes it is hard. Sometimes it breaks us. And it takes step by step action and pausing and decisions to choose simply make it through… and then all of a sudden… I’m ready to let go.






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