If I have learned one thing…

It is to take a moment. Take time. Take as many moments as needed. This is okay.

Yet the title of this post contains a lie. I continue to not learn this, and that is why I am writing about it. I could say I have some experience and learning. This dynamic between wanting clarity, feeling fulfillment, coming to a resolution and needing to take time, to slow down, to give space is not going away.

When I drive the road that is 25 mph then I now enjoy going 25 mph. I have no need to go a little bit over; that is what the other way is for. Yet some drivers seem to think that it is a speed target, not a speed limit. Sometimes it seems like even my 25 mph driving is too slow for the rest of the world, aside from Liv the dog who seems to enjoy the slow road, with no need to hurry up and get somewhere else.

There can even be tax deadlines, business needs, or plans we make that seem to facilitate not taking our time. Yet we still can. Even if there can be consequences to taking time. There are also benefits. More seeing, more peace, more confidence. Or it was simply needed. To pause before acting or deciding.

When we are doing art, or learning, or teaching a child something we take our time. We create a space of presence. Nonjudgment. It’s okay if things don’t work. We can take our time to get it right.

What if we lead our lives like this? As if our life was our art work, and we are learning through, and taking our time.

Part two of this will be…examples in experiments from slowing down.

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