hanging out a shingle

This idiom originates from a time when a business owner may have made a sign for their shop with an actual shingle. It is something I should have done years ago. I have ‘put out a shingle’ before but as a business writer and before that as a resume writer. In the past few years, I freelanced in several roles, including as a facilitator, content creator, ghostwriter, organizational transformation advisor, article writer, and more. But I wasn’t taking a stand that I could do this work as my career.

Now I am going full boar into the organizational domain. I want to work again on helping in work situations.

What do I do exactly? I can do many things, including creating content for businesses and facilitating groups. So for this chapter, I need to live into the answer.

I like listening, facilitating, and moving early-stage projects forward. I also write regularly and could write for a meaningful purpose. I facilitate decisions and meetings and advise groups and individuals on professional issues focusing on self-management.

It could make more sense for me to join an organization as a member. I am exploring what will work best.

Read more on the self-management page and contact me to schedule a session.

Thanks to Greg Rosenke via Unsplash for the featured image.